Adding probiotics to meal ideas

When you think of soup you probably think of a hot bowl of nourishment on a cold day. Something nourishing. And thats exactly what it is!

Why not make your meals the most nourishing they possibly could be, still with amazing taste.

Here is a list of ideas how to add flavor and mineral rich, bio available foods to your meals. Your gut will thank you! #probiotic

Add real miso to your soups or simply as a salt base rather than salt!

If adding to soup, allow it to cool to about 45°C/ 110°F, which is warm, but tolerable to the palate. If you can hold a spoonful of it in your mouth for a few seconds comfortably, that is about right. Most experts agree that anything above around 48-50 °C / 118 - 120 °F will begin to damage the cultures, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria in your cultured foods.

Use your cultures as a condiment, rather than a base. Traditionally, with the exception of miso, most traditional cultures used cultured food as a condiment or small addition to a meal rather than a large portion of it. This is because cultured foods are strong in both flavor and nutrition potency.


  • hot sauce
  • salad dressing with kraut juice or kombucha vinegar
  • blend a sauerkraut for a relish on a burger or hot dog
  • mix kraut in a salad
  • use milk kefir instead of sour cream
  • make your own cultured butter

Add Whey to your meals. Whey is the liquid strained from cultured dairy products like yogurt or kefir. Whey too is full of that beneficial bacteria, enzymes and all the protein in there. Hence, whey protein powders that exist on the market.

Again, put it in soup, add it to your smoothies, simply drink it along side a meal as its so tasty and light...

Use cultured creams instead of regular creams for meals. You can even culture whipped cream if you have a yogurt culture or milk kefir grains. Whip the cream like normal and get a tangy fluffy result. Irresistible on its own.

Use sauerkraut juice. This concept is similar to the addition of whey. But different vegetable combinations will give you different flavors. Some juice from your cultured salsa in a black bean soup is a perfect pairing. Check out the salad dress tutorial for more great tricks.

The edible plant microbiome evidence for the occurrence of fruit and vegetable bacteria in the human gut.pdf
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