How to Be A Multi-Multiculturalist - TED X talk by Alexis Goertz

How to be a multi-multiculturalist - TED X Jacobs University Bremen

Alexis Goertz from Canada, working and living in Berlin on her project Edible Alchemy.

Edible Alchemy is an educational platform revolving around bacteria, yeast and mould and how these organisms and enzymes are beneficial to our external and internal environments, fun to work with and even delicious to eat and drink.

These processes are also known as fermentation. Think cheese, wine, bread, beer, chocolate, coffee, miso and more.

Alexis runs workshops mainly in Berlin, around Europe and now online at the Edible Alchemy Academy to educate people and spread the knowledge about the traditional techniques and new-fusion methods of fermentation and what it means to have a microbiome.

Join her for an exploration of the concept of culture from both a macro and micro perspective. Join her for an exploration of the idea of culture and how it is tied to the bigger, yet microscopic, idea of the food we eat in terms of ‘fermentation’.

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