Salted Oranges

Salted Oranges

This recipe doesn't have exact measurements as you can simply make as much as you like / have.


- jar

- salt (non-iodized salt) 

- organic oranges 

Wash oranges. Cut into quarters. At the bottom of a clean, sealable jar sprinkle some salt to cover the bottom. Add a layer of oranges. Salt over the top. Add another layer of oranges. Salt over the top. As you are adding layers, push the oranges down so they juice and there are no air pockets. Once the jar is full to the top with salt and oranges, add one last layer of salt and close the jar. Leave jar room temp. for 3-4 weeks with a plate or bowl underneath for possible leaking. The high concentration of salt will keep unwanted yeasts and bacteria away. The end result are very salty oranges. They smell so lovely and fragrant but are too salty to eat alone.

Combine with other dishes, raw or cooked. Will last in the fridge for over a year! 


My latest 'sweet' dish was a salted orange vegan ice cream:

  • 1 frozen banana (that has been already sliced)
  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • 1/8 slice of a salted orange

Blend and enjoy a refreshing and healthy treat!

Salted Orange Skins

If you just want to eat those oranges, that is also totally understandable! Then left with all that orange skin, one can simply do the same thing to get a more tart result full of flavor!

I cut mine into small pieces so that the salt has an easier time to pull all the rest of the juices out as the skins are a lot more dry than the full orange. After about a 3-4 weeks at room temperature, they can be pushed down and stored in the fridge. You will notice that they develop a lovely thick syrup full of orange flavor and of course salt!

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