Golden Kraut - Mixed & Massaged

Golden Kraut - 1 liter

500 g White Cabbage (cut in strips)

60 g Red onion (half moons)

225 g Carrots (shredded)  

115 g Appel (cut in cubes) 

20g Salt

5 g Turmeric powder

TIP: Best to massage this kraut with glove on - unless you enjoy having yellow hands ;)!

1) Cut white cabbage, onions, carrots and apple.

2) Put all the vegetables in a bowl.

3) Add salt, turmeric powder and knead the vegetables until the vegetable juice comes out. The volume can be reduced by half because we are breaking down the cell walls of the veggies.

4) Layer tightly in the jar. Press down so that the liquid comes over the vegetables. If necessary, add water to cover the vegetables completely. There should be minimal air in the jar as possible. Fill it up to the top!

5) For extra protection, find something cover the vegetables - for example, a cabbage leaf, a smooth stone, a thick pottery shard, or a smaller pitcher - do not take any metallic objects as the resulting acid will react with the metal.

6) The first five days are the most critical. Leave the glass at room temperature. You will notice that the vegetables start to ferment and carbon dioxide is produced. Please do not open the glass in the first five days! (it is like a baby in the womb!)

7) Let the air out after five days (burp) and - if necessary - press the vegetables down and add more water to cover everything. This is when lactic acid has gained the upper hand and ensures a healthy and safe fermentation.

8) Leave the ferment outside the refrigerator for two weeks at room temperature. The longer it is outside the fridge, the more sour and complex the taste becomes and the softer the vegetables become. The pH then reaches 4.6 and below, which is desirable to keep away any bad bacteria, and give us that lovely sour taste.

9) Do not forget to put a plate or bowl under the glass during the fermentation process (the first 2 weeks). If it bubbles heavily, the brine comes out. If a lot comes out, you have to refill water so that the vegetables stay under brine and do not get bad.


  • Mix the golden cabbage in a cold bean or pasta salad. I think it's especially good with Tahini
  • Golden cabbage can also be mixed with the dough for savory patties (burgers, pancakes ...)
  • Golden cabbage goes well with crisp bread, sandwiches and pitas.