Closer Look at Stretching & Folding

Here I have made a dough using the same sourdough recipe given above, but FOUR TIMES (x4) the amounts! (i.e. 1200 gram flour). You can see how much more dough that is and how with wheat flours, this stretch and folding technique works well.

Each stretch helps networks of gluten strands form, and folding them over creates a tight net where the bubbles get trapped in during the proofing / rising and baking process.

By stretching and folding and shaping, we can get a tight ball of dough that will rise beautifully in the oven.

*If you are using rye or spelt or any other harder grain, this process will be very hard, next to impossible as those flours are much more sticky. In these cases, just mix in the salt as best as possible and allow to rise in the basket in the fridge overnight just like the other recipes guide.

Student Results :

Liebe Alexis,

The first bread with Cornelius 2.0 turned out great. Thanks again for your suggestions and help.

See you very soon & have a great week!

Lieben Gruß 


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