Kombucha FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Over the years of working with kombucha, on an  at-home-scale as well as industrial brewery scale, I have learnt a lot about this very unique symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Also known as our beloved SCOBY.

I have somehow become the SCOBY Doctor for those who adopt a pet here and there and I get to evaluate peoples SCOBY health and wellness and check out how things are brewing.

As a beginner brewer, or even an advanced brewer, there are always things to learn in regards to how this clump of bacteria and yeast reacts to your environment, to the teas, sugars and waters you give it and also its immediate environment - plastic, glass, stainless steel...other.

So I’ve created this area for people to put in their pictures and questions regarding their fermentation adventures and also check out similar questions that have been asked about their SCOBY health.

Please add your pictures and Qns below to add to the FAQ if you are not sure how your SCOBY health is!

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