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Is there chances for botulism in my honey-garlic ferment?


NO. The process of fermentation here is making the environment naturally sour so that the possibility of botulism is impossible. Although the garlic and honey can get botulism on their own, through fermentation we can keep that possibility at bay, as well as enjoy an incredibly nutritious probiotic condiment in our cupboards. The older the batch the better, I’d say! (watch as the garlics get dark and candied over time by the honey....yummmm)

Note on Botulism: Botulinum toxin type A is the most lethal natural biological agent known to man. It is generally accepted that in botulinum both growth and toxin formation are completely inhibited at pH values below 4.6 . As the process of fermentation is underway, the environment becomes sourer than a pH of 4.6, thus in some respects sterilizing our food from these bad bacterias. Cool right!?

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